AENY promotes interdisciplinary artistic collaborations between Spain and the United States.

AENY is committed to an experimental, collaborative process.

We build an enriching relationship and cultural bridge between Spanish and US-based creatives. Our work is devised and multidisciplinary. We are a collective of creators focused on timely themes and social issues that resonate across cultures. Our experiences and practices inform every element of the work. Light designers become visual artists. Choreographers become actors. The dialogue is open and endless, and yields boundary-pushing work like Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie (2011) and the unexpected, as displayed in the confrontation between nature and classic theater in Mini Micro Theater (2020).

We are a laboratory for creation.

We produce programs to test our work with each other and our audiences. The Staged Reading Series elevates emerging and disruptive playwrights from Spain alongside prestigious, renowned creators. These works intend to provoke and challenge. We all get acquainted with the material together, artist and audience alike, to form fruitful, lasting relationships with each other and the art form.

Our programs do not exist in silos.

Each event informs the next. Our Staged Reading Series turns into an AENY Main Stage production. The plays AENY chooses to fully produce have made an impact in New York and abroad. They are critically lauded, awarded, and most importantly boundary-pushing works. We started this program in 2014 with Días Estupendos, by famed Spanish playwright Alfredo Sanzol. This was followed up by Ronensbourgh, by Beatriz Cabur, and An Invisible Piece of this World, by Juan Diego Botto.

We continue to experiment on and off stage.

Our artistic network in the US continues to expand. We bring the collective together through workshops and event, our lived versions of the cultural bridge. We exchange, discuss, debate and leave with meaningful ideas and new collaborations. From these interactions, new programs have emerged like PLAY LOUD!, an explosive concert series that pays homage to the vibrant city music scene and the unique storytelling of musicians from around the world.