AENY – Spanish Artists in New York, with the support of Spain Culture New York – Consulate General of Spain, presents the second edition of the Staged Reading Series, a two-day event featuring timely plays from emerging playwrights in Spain’s contemporary scene.

The program for this year’s series, coordinated by Rafael Abolafia, will showcase 6 plays by 7 authors from Spain on June 16 and June 23 at IATI Theater.

The lineup includes La función por hacer, by Miguel del Arco and Aitor Tejada; Grooming, by Paco Becerra; Litus, by Marta Buchaca; Monólogos con maniquí, by Antonio César Morón, Mi alma en otra parte, by José Manuel Mora; and Ronensbourgh, by Beatriz Cabur. One of these titles will be selected to be developed as fully staged production in 2015.


by Marta Buchaca

Dirección: Ana Asensio

Intérpretes: Claudio Bandini, Gerardo Gudiño, Luis Moreno, Ricardo Soto

Monólogos con maniquí

by Antonio César Morón

Dirección: Gama Valle

Intérpretes: Adela M. Bolet, Gonzalo Bouza

La función por hacer

by Miguel del Arco & Aitor Tejada

Dirección: Rafael Abolafia

Intérpretes: Ricardo Birnbaum, María Cuartero, María Fontanals, Soraya Padrao, Francisco Reyes, Ricardo Soto

Mi alma en otra parte

by José Manuel Mora

Dirección: Rafael Abolafia

Intérpretes: Claudio Bandini, María Fontanals, Inma Heredia, Luis Moreno, María Peyramaure


by Beatriz Cabur

Dirección: Alfredo Tauste

Intérpretes: María Cuartero, Gonzalo Bouza


by Paco Becerra

Dirección: Julián Mesri

Intérpretes: Ricardo Birnbaum, María Peyramaure