In Wearing Lorca’s Bowtie fifteen individual artists find themselves in New York, dreaming of Lorca and wondering why it is that we continue to be drawn to this city to make our life and our art and exploring the peculiar brand of loneliness that this city can evoke. The piece blends fantasy with actual moments from Lorca’s work and trip – such as his famous witnessing of the 1929 stock market crash – with today’s experience of trying to make a life in New York during the biggest economic crisis since Lorca’s visit.

Creative Team

Directed by: Josh Hecht & Ignacio Garcia-Bustelo, Text by: Mar Gomez Glez. & Judith Goudsmit, Scenic Design: Robin Vest, Lighting Design: Clifton Taylor, Sound Design: Sam Kusnetz, Composition: Javier Moreno, Choreography: Cherice Barton, Costume Design: Yuko Nakao, Art Design: Jose Carlos Casado


Adela Bolet, Freia Canals, Maria Cuartero, Beatriz de la Cruz, Sebastian Galvez, Ricky Kuperman, Juan Carlos Lopez, Ben Mendoza, Javier Moreno, Pep Munoz, Soraya Padrao, Amara C. Perez, Nuria Rabanillo, Rodrigo Recabarren, Carlos Renedo, David Riley, Yago Vazquez.


Production Manager: Amanda Raymond; Production Associate: C. Golden; Assistant Stage Manager: Denise Kornitz; Sound Engineer: Kortney Barber; Lighting Programer: Sebastian Adamo; Master Electrician: Luis Moreno; Technical Crew: Allison Andersen, Erin Ballantine, Anthony Cerrato, Cate Di Girolamo, Paul Peers; Line Producer: Vicky Graham; Marketing and Development: Rakel Terceño; Press Representative (USA): Michelle Tabnick; Press Representative (Spain): Marcos Garcia; Marketing Associate & Volunteer Cordinator: Raquel Berzosa; Production Assistant: Alfredo Tauste